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"We can build financial literacy, one woman at a time."

The Project 6000 Minutes curriculum is being created. This is a good time to reach out to local community colleges, universities, non-profits places of worship and community centers. Let people know that beginning in January 2023, you will provide a free curriculum of basic financial education aimed at Black, Hispanic and other women from underserved communities.

There Are Many Locations to Deliver Financial Education to Women of Color

  • Community colleges
  • Colleges and universities

  • Local non-profit organizations

  • Places of worship

  • Community centers

  • Consider creating a local Project 6000 Minutes chapter

  • Speak with community leaders about your willingness to help strengthen your community

  • Build local support for your efforts

  • Contact community newspapers; they may write a story about your efforts

  • Seek the support of local political figures

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