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"It is likely true that no group is more in need of basic financial education than members of underserved communities, especially women of color."

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Extraordinary Challenges Require Extraordinary Answers.

  • Reaching retirement with lower savings, women from underserved communities require a carefully constructed plan to generate monthly income.

Black Women Face a 90% Wealth Gap

Black Women Face Costly Wage Gap

  • The median Black household owns nearly 90% less wealth than the median white household and the gap is even slightly larger for single Black women relative to single white men.

  • The hourly earnings gap or “wage gap” of Black women stands at 15% relative to white women and 35% relative to white men.

Source: Goldman Sachs

"A Hispanic worker has saved 49 cents for every white worker's dollar."

Source: AARP

"Women from underserved communities will benefit from the guidance of financial advisors who collectively possess a huge reservoir of knowledge to be shared."

Educate  I   Build Confidence   I   A Path to Financial Security


Black, Latina, and other women of color lack sufficient  local level access to resources for financial education. Project 6000 Minutes aims to change that through a nationwide network of experienced financial advisors dedicated to delivering financial education at the local community level.

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